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Jean H. Burns, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Biology

Case Western Reserve University

2080 Adelbert Road

307 DeGrace Hall

Cleveland, OH 44106-7080

jbm122 <@> case.edu



Prospective Students in the Burns lab


Undergraduate Research

Prospective undergraduate students in the Burns lab should be (1) interested in answering basic ecological questions about the distribution and abundance of plants, (2) be willing to engage in often physically demanding field work under variable weather conditions, and (3) have a valid driver's license. Please see the Research descriptions on the lab web pages for details about some of the projects in the lab.

Opportunities in the lab include volunteer positions and for-credit research, including capsone (BIOL388S) research.

Undergraduate researchers in the lab must:

(1) Take the safety training available at EHS:

General Laboratory Safety.

(2) Take the driver's safety course.

If you are interested in working in the lab, please contact Dr. Burns at

jbm122 <@> case.edu


Graduate Research

The Burns lab is not currently accepting Master's program applicants.

If you are interested in the Ph.D. program in Case Western Reserve University's Department of Biology, please contact Jean Burns for more information.


Kat Grigsby helps Anna Osvaldsson shovel snow for her dissertation on climate change.Angela Kaczowka PosterAngela Kaczowka (center) presents her senior capstone research. Jean Burns (left) and Angela Brandt (right).

The lab helps undergraduate Gaston del Pino set up his capstone research (del Pino et al. 2015).