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Providing innovative solutions to challenges in geoengineering, infrastructure, energy and sustainability from understanding the fundamentals

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Xiong (Bill) Yu, Ph.D, PE., Professor of Civil Engineering

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (courtesy appointment)

Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (courtesy appointment)

Case School of Engineering

Case Western Reserve University

Email:  xxy21@case.edu

Phone: 216-368-6247


















The goal of our research is to advance the science and engineering for geoengineering, infrastructure, energy, and sustainability.   We value I3, i.e., interdisciplinary, innovation, and impacts.   Our goal is to provide innovative solutions by understanding the fundamentals and thinking ‘outside the box’.


Examples of our existing effects include:

1)      Innovative sensor technologies;

2)      Multiscale multiphysics processes in materials;

3)      Efficient and resilient design of infrastructures,

4)      Development and application of advanced computational simulations

5)      Smart and multifunctional materials and structures

6)      Intelligent systems



Research Team at Ohio Transportation Engineering Conference


Introducing Girls to Engineering


 Recent Group News

May 2014

·            Ye Sun has accepted an offer to work as an assistant professor at Michigan Technological University.  

·            Yan Liu has started his appointment as an assistant professor at Mount Union University

We wish them most rewarding experience with their new careers.

·            Jianying and Quan received prizes for the performance of their graduate studies

March 2014

·            The Engineering Geology and Site Characterization Committee, which Dr. Yu serves as the committee chair, is named the ‘Committee of the Year Award’ by ASCE Geo-Institute.   This is the results of joint efforts by the members of the committee.

June 2013

·            Zhen Liu accepted an offer of an assistant professor at the department of civil and environmental engineering, Michigan Technological University starting August 2013.

·            Junliang Tao accepted an offer as an assistant professor at the department of civil engineering, the University of Akron starting August 2013.

We congratulate on their accomplishment and wish they best luck in developing their programs.

·            Dr. Yu has been selected to participate the 2013 U.S.-Germany Frontier of Engineering Symposium.

Group Activities Log

·            Dr. Yu and group members (Quan Gao and Jiale Li) attended the Chicago Geotechnical Lectures/the 18th Great Lakes Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Conference in April 2014.

·            Dr. Yu and group members (Dr. Qiangbing Huang, Jianying Hu, Quan Gao, Jiale Li, Chanjuan Han, Yuan Guo) attend the Purdue Geotechnical Workshop in April 2014.