The Organization

Graduate Discourse (The Student Association of Graduate Anthropologists) at CWRU was founded in 2000 by Sanna Chen, Chee-hyung Kim, and Roselle Ponsaran. The organization intends to bring the anthropology graduate students together to share their resources, interests, and knowledge in order to create a more fulfilling and intellectually stimulating experience in the program. The goal is to facilitate greater collaboration among graduate students so that we have a continually renewing foundation of support for students through each step of graduate school. Although similar groups have formed before in the anthropology department, it is hoped that Graduate Discourse, through a flexible structure, support within and between cohorts, and support of new and incoming students, will be able to grow and change to accommodate the needs of graduate students for years to come.

2007-2008 Officers

Hillary Melchiors (apprentice: David Rebhan)
Administrative/Advocate Chair

Jonathan Metcalfe (apprentice: Christine Borden-King-Jones)
Professional Development Chair

Amy Rezac (apprentice: Denise Lin)
Social Chair

Michael Rueschman (alternate: Denise Lin)
GSS Senator