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Collegiate Curmudgeonry
Arlecchino mimics Capitano

Thursday, February 3, 2005 · Carnevale · Thwing Atrium

An independent study in commedia dell'arte led to a performance as the headline act at La Dolce Vita's Carnevale Night. This would be the first year of a tradition that continues to this day. Though this two-actor play was a structured commedia erudita (scripted instead of improvisational scenario) the performance included elements of improv and excelled in mask work, slapstick, and festival interaction helping to lay the foundation for what would become i Verdi Confusi / The Confused Greenies the following year!

The sassy Colombina Colombina thinks about Arlecchino Arlecchino and Pantalone hear of Colombina's kidnapping by Capitano Arlecchino confronts Capitano
Photography by Cindy Davis. See the Full Album

Parti Ridicole
Pantalone, a miserly father
Camilla, his daughter
Colombina, their housekeeper
Leandro, Camilla's boyfriend
Arlecchino, a hopeful geek
Capitano Testosteroné, a boasting sports hero Professor Gratiano, PhD, a supposed professor
Jess Rudolph
Monica Ham
Monica Ham
Jess Rudolph
Monica Ham
Jess Rudolph
Monica Ham

Pantalone is stressing over the cost of tuition for his daughter Camilla to attend college. Camilla is stressing over her boyfriend Leandro getting a scholarship so they can go to the same school. Arlecchino is stressing over if he'll find geeky girls in college. Capitano Testosteroné isn't stressing - he's plotting how to trick Pantalone out of Camilla's tuition money! Can Colombina save the day by disguising herself as Camilla - even though they look *nothing* alike?

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