The Diamond Lab - Case Western Reserve University

Lab Members (Current and Former)

Current Members:
    Professor Heidi Martin
Professor Heidi Martin joined the Case faculty in 2002. She is a native Clevelander and alumna of Case Western Reserve University (dual-B.S., M.S., Ph.D.). She began working with conductive diamond in graduate work with Professors John C. Angus and Uziel Landau. Her postdoctoral work in R. Mark Wightman's lab at UNC-Chapel Hill (supported by an NIH National Research Service Award) provides the basis for her ongoing interest in development of diamond electrodes for implantable devices, specifically for applications in neuroscience.
    Ph.D. Candidate, Sunhyung Kim
Sunhyung Kim joined the group in 2010. Sunhyung earned his BS in Chemical Engineering at Yonsei University, Seoul, 2007, and earned his MS in Chemical Engineering at University of California, Irvine, 2008. He also worked as a researcher at Fuel Cell Center in Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Seoul, from April 2009 to May 2010. His focus has been evaluation and application of surface modified diamond electrodes and improvement of performance of conductive diamond for neural stimulation. In his free time, Sunhyung enjoys to listen to dirty versions of Hip-Hop rap songs either from east coast or west coast.
    M.S. Candidate, John Stagon
John Stagon joined the group in 2010 in his junior year, and received his BS in Chemical Engineering in May 2011. He used a SOURCE summer research fellowship in 2010 to start his project which has now become the focus of his MS thesis; the project involves mechanical testing of rhenium-based substrates for diamond growth, to develop a more ductile diamond-coated, wire based implantable electrode. He won 2nd place in Engineering at the SOURCE Intersections research competition in April 2011. John is originally from Pittsburgh.
    W. Case Rinard
Case Rinard joined the group in 2011. He is currently in his junior year in Chemical Engineering. Through a SOURCE summer reserach fellowship, he is working on use of diamond-on-polymer microelectrodes for detection of adenosine.
    Jacob Blickensderfer
Jacob Blickensderfer began working on diamond electrode research in his freshman year in 2009. He is currently a junior majoring in Chemical Engineering. His focus is on characterization and function of diamond surfaces. He recently spent time working on electrodes for the OSU Department of Anesthesiology.
    Krish Shah
Krish Shah joined the group in 2010, and is currently a sophomore at Westlake High School. His project focuses on electrochemical detection of nitric oxide with diamond electrodes, for medical applications. This spring, Krish received several awards at local science fairs, including 2nd place from the Cleveland Section ACS, and 1st place (grades 9-10) in Chemistry. At the district session, he received the 'best medicine fair' participation award, and the Omnitek 'Best' Sensors/Imaging and Medical IT Gold Award.
    Dr. Eric Hudak, Ph.D.
Eric Hudak successfully defended his dissertation in Spring 2011. Eric's research focused on the evaluation of platinum and diamond electrodes for neural prostheses. Eric is about to join Advanced Bionics in California.

Former Graduate Student Members and Staff:
    Dr. Songtao Xie, Ph.D.
Songtao Xie successfully defended his dissertation in June 2007. His focus was on development of diamond microelectrodes for neurotransmitter detection. His latest work was on real-time in vitro detection of adenosine in the PreBotzinger complex.
Dr. Xie is currently a postdoctoral associate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
    J. Ben Schaeffer
J. Ben Schaeffer received his MS in 2005. He is currently employed at Lincoln Electric in Euclid, Ohio.
    Matthew Orsi
Matthew Orsi received his MS in 2006. He is currently employed at Abbott Laboratories, in Boston, MA.
    Dr. Jeffrey Halpern, Ph.D.
Jeffrey Halpern successfully defended his dissertation in Spring 2010. His primary innovation was in development of a diamond-wire electrode using a novel rhenium-alloy substrate; this electrode would be more ductile for application in implantable electrodes.
Jeff is currently an NIH postdoctoral fellow in Biomedical Engineering at CWRU, working with Prof. Von Recum.
    Jessica Schreiber
Jessica Schreiber received her MS as part of the BS/MS program in May 2010. She began working on diamond electrode research in her freshman year. Her thesis focused on characterization and functionalization of diamond surfaces. Jessica is now working with the Knolls Atomic Energy Commission in the area of nuclear power.
    Dr. David Sabens, Ph.D.
David Sabens successfully defended his dissertation in Fall 2010.
His primary innovation was in development of microfabricated diamond electrode arrays, with specific emphasis on methods to enable fabrication of diamond on polymer arrays. David is currently employed at Applied Materials in California.
    Cliff Hayman
Cliff Hayman was the diamond lab engineer for over 20 years.

Former Undergraduate and High School Student Members:

Sam Stroebel (Mentor High School) 2009-2011
Mark Grogan (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2010-2011
Daniel Engel (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2009-2010
Nayyir Qutubuddin (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2009
Erica Wieser (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2008-2009
Jenna Novak (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2008-2010
Yoon Park (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2008
Samantha Reed (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2008-2010
Michael Grese (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2008
Lyle Zyra (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2008
Parbir (Parry) Grewal (Cornell University, Chemical Engineering) Summer 2007
Robbie Hirschsohn (Solon High School) Summer 2007
David Blum (CWRU, Biomedical Engineering)
J. Tyler Youngquist (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2006
Erin Gallagher (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2006
Jourdan Bowe (Fisk University, Biology) ACES summer fellow 2006
Rob Eisenman (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2006
Ben Malkin (Cleveland Heights High, McGill University) Summers 2006, 2008
Megan Uhr (CWRU, Chemical Engineering) 2007
Jennifer Buse (Mentor High School) 2006-2008
Emily Wagner (Hathaway Brown High School) 2007
Sean Dee (CWRU, Chemical Engineering)
Andrew Behn (CWRU, Chemical Engineering)