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BIOPOTENTIAL - ISSUE 17 12/22/2015


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Biomedical Engineering Departmental Seminar Series

Mondays 11:30 AM -12:20 PM
Wickenden 322

Departmental Seminars are Completed for Fall 2015- Check back later for the schedule for Spring 2016

Biomaterials & Tissue Engineering Seminars

"The Happiest Hour of the Week"

Fridays 12:30-1:30
Wickenden 307

Biomaterials Seminars are Completed for Fall 2015- Check back later for the schedule for Spring 2016

Neuroengineering Seminars

"The Nerdiest Hour of the Week"

Fridays 9:00-10:15AM
Nord 400

NEC Seminars are Completed for Fall 2015- Check back later for the schedule for Spring 2016)

Imaging Seminars

"The Best Hour of the Week"

Tuesdays 11:30-12:20
Nord 410

Imaging Seminars are Completed for Fall 2015- Check back later for the schedule for Spring 2016


The BIOPOTENTIAL is the official newsletter of the BME Graduate Student Association. Each issue is digitally distributed (and updated online) on the Monday following the monthly GSA meeting, which all students, faculty, and associated researchers are encouraged to attend. For questions, comments, and concerns, feel free to contact GSA president, Rajat Shivacharan


Archives of previous issues can be found here.

To get in touch with the editors, email Anisha Rastogi, or Aditya Girish

Best wishes to all during the holiday season! May you all have a happy and prosperous new year!

BME Holiday Party!

A few glimpses from a well-deserved celebration of our department on 12/11/15:

Department Happy Hour!

We had a great turnout on 11/20/15! Thank you to everyone who came.

Watch for email notifications for upcoming department events!

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GSA Meeting Recap

Announcements 11/13/15:

Exec Updates

Next General Body Meeting 2/5/16

President and VP:

  • BMES (Tampa, FL) – Thank you to everyone who helped!!
  • Midwest Speaker Exchange
  • Exchange in March/April with Purdue University
    • Requirements:
      • Senior Level Graduate Student (4th year +)
      • Will count as an outside oral talk (GEC Approved)
      • Opportunity to network with faculty for potential post-doc opportunities
    • Next Ford Lecture – March 2nd, 2016

      Got a brilliant idea? You can contact either Rajat Shivacharan or Christian Anderson.


    • We raised $192 for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank! Thank you to all those who donated
    • Church of the Convenant has Saturday morning tutoring weekly! Click here for more information.

    Questions? Comments? Ideas for Volunteering Events? Contact Anna Czapar.


    • Outdoor soccer in now over! Great season to everyone who played (and see you at indoor next semester).
    • Basketball season is ongoing. Still time to join before playoffs start!
    • Lots more sports coming up next semester (indoor soccer, volleyball, floor hockey and more!)

    Contact Ivana Cuberovic for more information.

    Graduate Education Council:

    • Meeting the Med School Stipend Level:
      • Unclear how the medical school is paying for it
      • Unable to increase stipends further at this time
    • Possible Writing course
      • Grant writing R21 preparation
    • Open house!
      • Planning starts soon! Will need volunteers!
    • Master’s Students finding labs:
      • Look at all options: BME, Cancer Center, CCF, Pharmacology : expand from primary faculty
      • Contact the professor directly – not the PhD students in the lab
      • Find a strategy to make yourself valuable
      • Ask to attend lab meetings Ask questions at these meetings
    • Remember that it isn’t required
      • Course work master’s is always an option

    Questions, comments, or concerns? Contact Elizabeth Doolittle.

    Graduate Student Council:

    • GSS events can be found at the GSS calendar http://case.edu/gss/calendar.html

    For questions, comments, or concerns contact the GSC Representative Tina Lo

    Masters Notes:

    • Plan A students can switch to coursework at any time (Plan B) Coursework Master’s doesn’t require a lab. Does have a project component. For those concerned with finding position in desired labs A department representative is willing to present to students on how to approach finding a lab.

    For questions, comments, or concerns contact Yiqiao

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    Creativity Corner

    To send in things for the next Creativity Corner, email Anisha Rastogi or Aditya Girish

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    If your publication is not listed in PubMed, please let Anisha Rastogi or Aditya Girish know so that they can include it in the next issue. Apologies for any missed publications.

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